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Canadian lithium-tech companies find traction amid rise of electric cars

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travelled to Burnaby, British Columbia to announce his latest climate change initiative at the pilot plant of an upstart company that’s tinkering with lithium-ion battery technology.

His choice of venue revealed much about the opportunities in Canada as a new supply chain takes shape around the growing electric vehicle industry, which relies on lithium-ion batteries, not oil.

Although mining has been a historical strength in Canada, the latest rush around battery metals may end up providing more opportunities to this country’s fledgling technology sector. It is companies such as Nano One Materials Inc., whose facilities Trudeau visited, as well as lithium brine extraction and recycling companies that are generating publicity, drawing investments, partnerships and government support for their plans to build businesses around the rising demand for lithium.

“Our model is really to form partnerships with the large established players and license out our technology,” said Dan Blondal, chief executive of Nano One. “They’re going to be better at supply chains … but what we are good at is process innovation.”

Source: https://business.financialpost.com


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