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Congress Highlights

200+ decision-makers

of lithium industry from all over Latin America – government officials, regulatory bodies, project owners, technology and service providers, international and local investors of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, etc.

IMPORTANT! Permits - how to accelerate the process?

Ask your burning questions to the governments of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and their regulatory bodies!

Dedicated exhibition

of cutting-edge equipment and technologies for the Lithium industry, delivered by local and global leading companies from around the world.


Cooperating with local and international banks and financial institutions, private investors, project financing. How to gain the most favourable lending conditions? How to ensure quick return on investment?

52 new and existing investment projects

to be implemented in 2020-2025

MONETIZING LITHIUM: from a mine to a battery

How NOT to miss on the growing demand?

Country Round Tables:

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Ask governments’ representatives your burning questions!

Technology Round Table: Lithium Extraction

How to optimize costs and make the process more environmentally friendly?

Unprecedented networking opportunities! One-to-one business meetings

networking round tables, cocktail reception, interactive discussions. Use this opportunity to exchange business cards with ALL conference participants!


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